drm-misc patch and upstream merge flow and timeline explained

This document describes the flow and timeline of misc drm and gpu patches to various upstream trees. For a detailed list of what’s all maintained in drm-misc grep for “drm-misc” in MAINTAINERS.

Rule No. 1

This document is an eternal draft and simply tries to explain the reality of how drm-misc is maintained. If you observe a difference between these rules and reality, it is your assumed responsibility to update the rules.

The workflow is heavily based upon the one used to maintain the Intel drm driver, see drm-intel:

Getting Started

First you need a freedesktop.org account with the drm-misc group permission. Then you need to setup the branches and tooling, see Getting Started.


See The DRM Misc Repository.

Merge Timeline

This chart describes the merge timelines for various branches in terms of one kernel release cycle. Worth noting is that we’re working on two or three kernel releases at the same time. Big features take a long time to hit a kernel release. There are no fast paths.