for igt-gpu-tools "1.28" .

API Reference
DMABUF Sync File — DMABUF importing/exporting fencing support library
drmtest — Base library for drm tests and tools
ALSA — Library with ALSA helpers
Audio — Library for audio-related tests
aux — Auxiliary libraries and support functions
Chamelium — Library for using the Chamelium into igt tests
Collection — Generic combinatorics library
Core — Core i-g-t testing support
CRC — igt crc tables and calculation functions
debugfs — Support code for debugfs features
Device selection — Device scanning and selection
Draw — drawing helpers for tests
Dummyload — Library for submitting GPU workloads
Framebuffer — Framebuffer handling and drawing library
Frame — Library for frame-related tests
GT — GT support library
io — Helpers for file I/O
kmod — Wrappers around libkmod for module loading/unloading
KMS — Kernel modesetting support library
IGT List — a list implementation inspired by the kernel
IGT Map — a linear-reprobing hashmap implementation
msm — msm support library
pipe_crc — Pipe CRC support
Power Management — Power Management related helpers
Primes — Prime numbers helper library
Random — Random numbers helper library
Stats — Tools for statistical analysis
syncobj — Library with syncobj helpers
sysfs — Support code for sysfs features
VC4 — VC4 support library
VGEM — VGEM support library
x86 — x86 helper library
Intel allocator — igt implementation of allocator
Batch Buffer — Batchbuffer and blitter support
Buffer operations — Buffer operation on tiled surfaces
Chipset — Feature macros and chipset helpers
I/O — Register access and sideband I/O library
ioctl wrappers — ioctl wrappers and related functions
SW Sync — Software sync (fencing) support library
igt/i915 API Reference
GEM Create — Helpers for dealing with objects creation
GEM Context — Helpers for dealing with contexts
GEM Engine Topology — Helpers for dealing engine topology
GEM Scheduler — Helpers for querying scheduler capabilities
GEM Submission — Helpers for determining submission method
Blitter library — i915/xe blitter library
I915 GPU CRC — i915 gpu crc
Intel Context Wrapper — Wrapper structs for dealing with contexts
Test Programs
Common Features — Features available in all test programs
AMDGPU Tests — Tests for amdgpu driver behaviour
Core Tests — Tests for core drm ioctls and behaviour
Debugfs Tests — Tests for debugfs behaviour
DRM Tests — Tests for libdrm behaviour
GEM Tests — Tests for the graphics execution manager
Gen 3 Tests — Tests specific to gen 3
Gen 7 Tests — Tests specific to gen 7
i915 Tests — Tests for overall i915 driver behaviour
KMS Tests — Tests for kernel mode setting
Meta Tests — Tests for the CI system itself
Perf Tests — Tests for the performance metrics
PM Tests — Tests for power management features
Prime Tests — Tests for buffer sharing
SW Sync Tests — Tests for software sync (fencing)
Display Tests — Tests for display validation
Tools Tests — Tests for IGT tools behaviour
vGEM Tests — Tests for the vitual graphics execution manager
Annotation Glossary
API Index